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reactReact is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It's declarative, efficient, and extremely flexible. What's more, it works with the libraries and frameworks that you already know.7204facebook10 days ago
react-bootstrapBootstrap 3 components built with React453react-bootstrap10 days ago
fluxxorFlux architecture tools for React301BinaryMuse10 days ago
react.backbonePlugin for React to make Backbone migration easier242usepropeller10 days ago
ngReactUse React Components in Angular226davidchang15 days ago
react-router-componentDeclarative router component for React223andreypopp9 days ago
react-formsForms library for React.178prometheusresearch10 days ago
ReactFireReactJS mixin for easy Firebase integration31firebase16 days ago
react-sortableA sortable list component built \w React21danielstocks10 days ago
react-pokemonA React component for displaying Pokémon13passya month ago
react-grid12prometheusresearch16 days ago
react-inlinesvgAn SVG loader component for ReactJS9matthewwithanma month ago
react-input-placeholderInput is a small wrapper around React.DOM.input that shims in placeholder functionality for browsers that don't natively support it.7enigma-io2 months ago
react-swfShockwave Flash Player component for React6syranidea month ago
react-topcoatA collection of React components for Topcoat.5arnemarta month ago
react-laddaReact wrapper for Ladda buttons.5jsdir11 days ago
todomvc-react-flux-backboneReact + Flux implemented with Backbone5shaohua21 days ago
react-google-analyticsGoogle analytics component0hzdg3 months ago
react-imageloaderA React component for wrangling image loading0hzdg10 days ago
react-colorpickerColorpicker for React0stayradiated14 days ago
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